Is your child ready to be baptized? This webpage will help you answer this question. Take time to go through this with your child to help identify if baptism is the right step at this point in your child's life.

Our goal is to come beside you as a parent and assist in the spiritual formation of your child. We see you as the parent, as the primary spiritual oversight, and our role is to assist you and your child in this journey of growing as a disciple of Jesus. We feel that baptism is an important step in this process and we want to give you the resources to help identify if your child is ready to make this step.


We are so excited that you are considering baptism for your child! Every child can have a personal relationship with Jesus. At NWC kids, we encourage and give opportunities for children to make a decision to follow Jesus. Our children are encouraged to not just learn about Jesus, but learn from Jesus by walking with Him every day.

We advise parents to wait until their child is asking to be water baptized. This is usually a good indication that they are ready to be and it will be a spiritual milestone in their life. While younger children, under the age of 9, can have a relationship with Jesus, they will not necessarily remember or understand the significance of the event, so we encourage parents to wait until they are a little older.

As you discern if your child is ready to be water baptized, here are some questions to ask your child:

1. Why do you want to be water baptized?
Answers that indicate your child understands:
• Because Jesus was baptized and He tells us to also
• Because I’m a friend of Jesus and I want to follow Him

2. What does it mean to be water baptized?
Answers that indicate your child understands:
• It means I’m following Jesus
• It means I’m a Christian and I want to show the world
• It’s a picture of what Jesus has done on the inside of me

3. When did you decide to follow Jesus and become His forever friend (born-again, saved)?
Answers that indicate your child understands:
• Your child should have a specific memory of when he/ she understood what Jesus did
  for him/her and that he/she needs Jesus in his/her life
• It may have been at church, at home, or even sometime when he/she was alone


Your child is ready if you feel your child understands what it means to be water baptized, please register for baptism on our website or contact the church.

Your child is not ready if you don’t feel your child understands what it means to be water baptized, it’s totally appropriate to wait. Remember, water baptism does not save– that is done by your child trusting Jesus. During this time, let your child observe water baptism and talk to them about what it means. We have a devotional on our website, go through this with your child and spur them on in their personal friendship with Jesus."


If you have questions or would like to talk to someone about the process, please contact our Children’s Ministry staff at (253) 838-6321.

You may also consider Child Dedication for your child, if they have not already been dedicated.