Membership is not required to be part of our church family—from first-time guests to long-time members, we are thankful for everyone who calls Northwest Church "home."

How do we view membership?

  • A step of deeper commitment
  • Confirmation that those who minister and lead agree with our beliefs and values
  • A prerequisite for serving in some areas of ministry

Here are some other details about membership:

  • Membership is a 1-year commitment and is renewed annually
  • We have a 4-hour New Members' Class
  • Before becoming a member you need to have attended the church for 6 months
  • We view membership as a two-way commitment: We commit to you and You commit to us

At our members' class (offered quarterly) you'll learn our:

You can also come to the class simply to learn more about our church.

For more information contact Craig McCann by e-mail or at ext. 205.